My approach

Getting married is a big deal


As a celebrant my role isn’t just to get all the legal boxes ticked, it’s to guide you through the process, keep you calm, relaxed and totally prepared to have the BEST day of your lives. Weddings should be fun, and despite the expectations, the hiccups and the inevitable last-minute nerves, I make sure that above all else, you have fun.

My background in hospitality has armed me with some pretty useful skills; Cake need rescuing? Done. Grandma’s G&T running low? Sorted. Need someone to run interference between your little brother and the open bar? I’m on it. I’m a multitasking, crowd-wrangling hype girl, and it’s the perfect job for me! Above all however, my greatest talent and love is creating and delivering one of a kind, beautiful ceremonies for couples who recognize the value of a great celebrant.

So, let me pick your collective brains over a coffee or a wine so I can find out what makes you tick. I want to know all the things! What excites you about your future together? What made you fall madly in love and decide to tie the knot? What challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them? What is it that really drives you nuts about your partner, and importantly, what do you really think about pineapple on a pizza?? (I’m all for it btw).

These little insights are what allow me to write the perfect ceremony for you; A ceremony that touches on heartfelt traditions, but which also celebrates the crazy, unique, perfectly imperfect connection you share. Your ceremony should be more than just a box to tick… It should be the highlight of your day; The perfect mix of fun, love, and heart; That makes you laugh and cry at the same time, and that sets the tone for the celebration to follow. Whether that be an indulgent dinner for two in your luxury BnB, or a giant soiree in a paddock with all your biggest fans…

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